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Ambiance sonore fournie avec Crazy Cocktail (extrait)

A very visual and entertaining effect, complete with presentation, graphics, and soundtrack.

You will predict :
1) The ingredients freely chosen by spectators to make their unique “Crazy Cocktail”!
2) The price of the cocktail!
3) An additional, totally free choice made by the spectator at the last second before the revelations. The prediction will be found in an envelope the spectator had in her hands since the beginning of the routine. The envelope is normal, is not switched, and can be examined by the spectator!

The e-book includes :
– Every details for maximum impact with the presentation (those who own my Tryptik e-book already
know how much I give attention to presentation),
– Two short videos to better explain the methodolgy and preparation,
– The four menus files made by a graphist designer, ready to print,
– The ingredients charts, ready to print,
– A soundtrack of “bar ambiance”, including jazz music composed by me that’s royalty-free for the owners of “Crazy Cocktail”.  You’ll receive files of three variations: bar ambience-only, music-only, and ambience & music mixed.

You may have to buy a few items (costing less than $15 total) to create the best version of “Crazy Cocktail”. (Actually, you might already own what is necessary.).

“Crazy Cocktail” was originally created and designed for professionals who work on stage or in parlor conditions. Of course any lover of our art will enjoy presenting it, too!

E-book : PDF
Menus / Ingredients charts : JPG/300dpi
Soundtracks : MP3